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This is a customized tray former machine for scented candle trays. The trays are formed by spraying hot melt glue from the glue machine to adhere the cardboard. The design production speed is 18 boxes per minute, with simple and compact structure, cheap price and high reliability, which can save labor cost and greatly improve production efficiency.
This is our standard small model cartoning machine, ZHP101, with compact and beautiful appearance, simple and durable structure, easy operation and compatibility, which can be applied to many types of product packaging with only simple debugging.
This cereal bar cartoning machine is a top-quality cartoning machine customized according to customer requirements. It adopts fully imported configuration such as Siemens touch screen, Nordson glue machine and SMC pneumatic components. It has outstanding stability and perfect packaging effect. Of course, depending on your budget, we can provide diversified configuration options to help you achieve your needs as much as possible.
We customized a fully automated milk powder can cartooning and palletizing line for our US customer's back-end packaging plant.

Based on the space layout, a 9-meter-long conveyor belt was customized to transport the sealed milk powder cans to the packaging plant. The single row of milk powder cans on the assembly line was converted into three rows through a pop-up clamp-type material handler, and 9 cans of milk powder were loaded into 1 box through an automatic cartoning machine. The efficient cartoning machine enabled the output to reach 1,000 boxes per hour. The beautiful boxes sealed by hot melt glue are placed on wooden pallets by a movable palletizer according to a customized palletizing method. One pallet can be completed every 19 minutes, and after completion, it will automatically start palletizing the next pallet, and the two sides can cooperate to achieve continuous production.
We can customize the automated packaging equipment according to the customer's box type.
This ceiling light boxing machine realizes automatic opening, loading, and sealing of boxes with tuck end snap lock bottom and end with lock. The incoming conveyor belt is directly connected to the ceiling lamp production line, realizing the full automation of the ceiling lamp from production to packaging. It ensures stable and high-quality packaging, effectively reduces the cost of labor, and also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
Suitable for small and medium-sized factories, the packaging machine only needs to manually put the hard disk into the conveyor belt, and the automatic cartoner will complete the hard disk into the box and seal the box, ensuring high quality and continuous packaging while reducing labor costs.Compatible with four paper box sizes, flexible and economical to use.
The mailer box folding machine designed and produced for laptop packaging box manufacturers is specially designed for automatic production of large size mailer boxes with the additional function of automatic attachment of inner tray. Only one worker is needed for mass production of complex mailer. Customized main and sub cardboard bins and inner tray bins for non-stop automatic loading, 24-hour continuous production, output up to 600 boxes per hour, directly saving 8~10 workers. We are a professional box folding machine(tray former) manufacturer, we can provide both standard structure mailer box folding machine and customized features according to your needs. Our mailer box folding machines are stable in operation, beautiful in appearance and inexpensive in price, which is the best choice for you to turn to automatic production.
As a common packaging machine, tray former also know as box folding machine is widely used in various industries such as food, medicine, cosmetics and electronic products. Our double-station tray former has the features of automatic box pick-up, one-time molding, large-capacity box holder, etc. It uses the spray adhesive method and can be adapted to two different sizes of cartons at the same time, and the production speed is up to 30-35 boxes/min.

The working principle of tray former is to turn the flat cardboard made by processing into a formed box after certain folding and gluing process. The tray former completes the process of feeding, folding and gluing the cardboard in layers and steps, and then outputs the molded boxes. It can efficiently complete the box forming and greatly improve the production efficiency.

The advantages of our double-station telescope box tray former are high efficiency, stability and flexibility. It can be adapted to different sizes of cartons, has high production speed and a high degree of automation, which can significantly reduce manual operations and improve production efficiency, while ensuring the quality of box molding. In addition, it also features easy operation and convenient maintenance.

In terms of application areas, the tray former is widely used in various paper box manufacturing, such as food packaging, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic product packaging, etc. Because of its high efficiency, high precision and high degree of automation, the tray former is popular in the manufacturing industry. With the development of manufacturing industry, the tray former will be optimized and updated continuously to better meet the market demand.
The four-side seal packaging machine is an efficient and precise automatic packaging equipment, mainly used for packaging products that are flat and have a uniform thickness, such as gauze accessories, masks, and medicines. The gauze four-side seal packaging machine is a specialized machine designed for gauze accessories, which features high speed, high efficiency, and stability, making it suitable for large-scale gauze accessory packaging.

Working principle:
The gauze four-side seal packaging machine works by placing the gauze accessory on a conveyor belt, which is then clamped between two layers of thin film. The four sides are then sealed by heat pressing and cut with a die cutter to output the four-sided packaged gauze accessory product.

The gauze four-side seal packaging machine has several advantages:

Efficiency: The packaging speed can reach up to 120 packs/minute, greatly improving production efficiency.
Precision: The advanced PLC control system and touch screen operating interface achieve high-precision sealing and cutting.
Stability: The machine is equipped with high-quality mechanical and electronic components, ensuring high stability and a long lifespan.

Application areas:
The gauze four-side seal packaging machine is suitable for packaging various gauze accessories, such as medical gauze, cotton pads, and mask sheets, and is widely used in medical, cosmetic, and household goods industries.


Regularly clean the equipment to maintain its hygiene.
Regularly inspect the electrical system, pneumatic system, and mechanical transmission system to ensure normal operation.
When the equipment is not in use for a long time or during seasonal downtime, cut off the power source and take measures to prevent dust and moisture.
The gauze four-side seal packaging machine is an efficient, precise, and stable automatic packaging equipment suitable for various gauze accessories, widely used in medical, cosmetic, and household goods industries. Regular maintenance can effectively extend the lifespan of the equipment, improve production efficiency, and packaging quality.
Customized automatic cookie/snack and chocolate pie sorting and cartoning packaging line. The layout is designed according to the actual production workshop.

The incoming conveyor belt is directly connected to the cookie production line, and the cookies will be transported to the cookie sorting machine station; the customized sorting machine can arrange the cookies into a row of two layers; at the collating station, the arranged cookies will be further leveled to ensure smooth cratoning; at the next station, the material detection probe, after detecting the cookies, the cartoning machine will automatically open the box and push the cookies into the box, and the hot melt glue cartoning machine will seal the box by hot melt glue. The box will continue to pass through the coding station, and the coding machine will spray the production date code on the passing box. The finished product is then ready to be sent to the supermarket shelves.

According to the customer's requirements, we have manufactured two cartoning and packaging lines at one time. If there is further packaging demand, we can also customize the casing and palletizing line at the back end of this packaging line to realize the automation of the whole process from production to packing and transportation of products.

Y-pack packaging technology Co., Ltd. can customize the automatic packaging line according to your requirements, you are welcome to contact us with your needs.
Another Face Mask Cartoning Machine is shipped! The face mask cartoning machine can be connected to two production lines at the same time. We have designed two feeding ports on the conveyor belt, When packing bagged masks or bulk masks, you only need to open the corresponding production line to complete the subsequent cartoning production. The production speed can reach 30~35 boxes per minute. The simple, compact, inexpensive, and reliable design improves packaging quality and production efficiency. It is the best choice for you to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency and packaging quality.

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Automatic face mask packaging line for exporting to Japanese customers. The bagged face masks are put into the box through the cartoning machine, then the production date code is sprayed on the box by the coding machine, wrapped with film by the sealing and shrinking machine, and then put into the outer case by the case packer. Finally, the outer case is sprayed with time code. The high standard of product packaging is completed fully automatically. This customized facial mask packaging line is compatible with three carton sizes and can be produced 24 hours a day with a production speed of 30~40 boxes per minute. It saves a lot of workers for the customer and improves the packaging quality and production efficiency.
Docking front-end bag packing machine, automatically open the box, put the paper cups into the box, and then through the sealing machine and corner sealing machine, complete the I-form sealing. The whole system operates fully automatically through sensor interworking, which can effectively reduce labor costs.
The customer was building a new plant and wanted to plan a production line to try to solve the problem because of the rising employment cost and the increasing difficulty in recruiting workers. So we delivered the answer, a fully automatic hard drive airplane box packaging line. Automatic folding machine forming output, a small amount of manual loading products, custom sealing machine automatic sealing boxes. The unboxing machine, boxing machine and sealing machine cooperate to realize the automation of unboxing, boxing and sealing. The whole line can replenish materials without stopping to achieve efficient and stable packaging.
In today's increasingly difficult personnel management, the custom packaging line that can significantly reduce the number of workers is the optimal choice for efficiency, reliability and economy.
Another mouthpiece cartoning machine is shipped! We have customized a material counting and sorting connection line for the customer, which can be directly connected to the mask bagging and packaging machine to achieve fully automatic packaging. According to the customer's requirements, we have set up two packaging solutions for the cartoning machine in advance: 10 mouthpieces in one pack, 5 packs in one box; 50 mouthpieces in one pack, and 1 pack in one box. Just a simple operation can quickly change the packaging style, helping customers to produce flexibly according to their needs.
Our standard medium size cartoning machine, with a packing speed of 30 to 60 boxes per minute, can be added with a glue machine to seal the boxes by hot melt glue or can be used directly for packing inserted tongue box types. It is widely compatible and can be used to pack different sizes of boxes with only a simple adjustment. This machine is set up with two types of cartoning for cookies with trays and bulk cookies according to customers' needs, and customers can use this cartoning machine flexibly.
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  • Cardboard Mailer Box Tray Former
    Welcome to our product details page! We would like to introduce our latest product, the automatic box folding machine for courier and aircraft boxes. This machine not only reduces the frequency of material replenishment with its large-capacity box rack, but also improves production efficiency by utilizing advanced die-cutting technology. It can output finished paper boxes with only two workstations at a speed of up to 15-20 boxes per minute.

    The booming development of modern logistics and e-commerce has led to an increasing demand for paper packaging boxes such as courier and aircraft boxes. However, low folding efficiency and unstable finished products have always been the main factors that restrict production efficiency and quality. That's where our automatic box folding machine for courier and aircraft boxes comes in.

    This machine uses high-precision die-cutting technology to quickly convert flat paper sheets into finished paper boxes through folding and pressing operations. It not only improves packaging efficiency, but also ensures the consistency and quality stability of the boxes. Additionally, the automatic box folding machine for courier and aircraft boxes is equipped with a large-capacity box rack, which can greatly reduce the frequency of material replenishment and improve production efficiency, thereby reducing costs.

    In terms of design, the automatic box folding machine for courier and aircraft boxes fully considers the user experience of the operators. It only requires two workstations to achieve automatic folding, forming, and outputting, greatly enhancing the long-term reliability of the machine and reducing maintenance work.

    In summary, the automatic box folding machine for courier and aircraft boxes is an efficient, stable, and user-friendly automated packaging machine that can meet the production needs of various scales. It not only improves production efficiency and reduces costs, but also ensures packaging quality and consistency. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our customer service team.
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  • Beer Cans Boxs Cartoning Machine
    The automated can beer cartoning machine achieves high-volume automated cartoning and greatly improves production efficiency. The equipment runs stably and reliably with simple operation, and can fully meet the customer's needs for high-speed automated cartoning.

    The cartoning machine adopts an advanced hot melt adhesive automatic gluing mechanism and works with the country's leading high-speed gluing gun to achieve automated cartoning. The entire cartoning process is fully automatically operated under the control of a PLC, with real-time monitoring of operating parameters and alarm prompts at any time to ensure highly efficient and stable operation. The human-machine interface is simple and easy to use, and the modular design is easy to maintain and upgrade.

    The machine is made of high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and other materials, with an exquisite and generous appearance and no pollution during operation, fully meeting the industry standards. For packaging cartons of different sizes and materials, we provide customized solutions to meet the customer's various automated packaging needs.

    1. The machine adopts a fully automatic gluing and sealing box method to achieve high-speed, high-quality cartoning. Hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of strong adhesion and fast bonding, which can achieve firm bonding of various cartons while being beautiful and generous. High-speed gluing guns ensure uniform and precise gluing of the adhesive and full sealing of the carton gaps.

    2. The machine adopts a double conveyor belt transmission mechanism for stable transmission without box jumping. The conveyor belt is equipped with multiple photoelectric detection devices to monitor the product position in real-time and ensure precise box insertion. The PLC control system controls the synchronous operation of each device in real-time according to the product signal to achieve fully automatic high-speed cartoning.

    3. The human-machine interaction interface adopts a touchscreen design with rich information and easy operation. The operating status of the machine is clear at a glance, allowing the operator to monitor key parameters in real-time. The fault alarm module can quickly locate the cause of the fault and process it. It stores operation manuals and other information for easy reference.

    4. Customized solutions. We customize automated cartoning production lines with different speeds and production capacities. According to the customer's process flow and product characteristics, we provide personalized machine solutions and equipment layout solutions to make the equipment closer to the customer's actual production needs and greatly improve production efficiency.

    5. Complete after-sales service. We provide full after-sales services such as equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, and regular maintenance. Ensure the long-term, stable, and efficient operation of customer equipment. After-sales engineers respond promptly to various fault repairs to help customers quickly resume production.
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