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Automatic Hard Drive Cartoning Machine cartoner box packing machine for Electronics

Suitable for small and medium-sized factories, the packaging machine only needs to manually put the hard disk into the conveyor belt, and the automatic cartoner will complete the hard disk into the box and seal the box, ensuring high quality and continuous packaging while reducing labor costs.Compatible with four paper box sizes, flexible and economical to use.
  • ZHC Series

  • Y-Pack

Hard Drive Cartoning Machine

Hard Drive Cartoning Machine

The Hard Disk Drive Cartoning Machine offers significant advantages for businesses in the technology industry. The machine precisely positions and inserts the hard disk drives into cartons, eliminating the risk of damage or misalignment during the packaging box process.

Case reference information

Material Information
Carton size

Carton 1: L130*W104*H18mm

Carton 2: L140*W105*H15 mm

Carton 3: L140*W141*H16mm

Carton 4: L143*W117*H25mm

Main Technical Parameter
20-30 boxes/min
Gas source 0.6-0.8MPa
Total power 1.1KW

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Hard Drive Cartoning Machine layout

Product convey

Hard Drive carton packing machine

Large capacity box holder

Hard Drive cartoner

Pushing device

 box packing machine device

Box sealing device

cartoner machine device

Finished product outlet

cartoner machine outlet


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