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Tray Former/Box Folding Machine For Telescope Box

As a common packaging machine, tray former also know as box folding machine is widely used in various industries such as food, medicine, cosmetics and electronic products. Our double-station tray former has the features of automatic box pick-up, one-time molding, large-capacity box holder, etc. It uses the spray adhesive method and can be adapted to two different sizes of cartons at the same time, and the production speed is up to 30-35 boxes/min.

The working principle of tray former is to turn the flat cardboard made by processing into a formed box after certain folding and gluing process. The tray former completes the process of feeding, folding and gluing the cardboard in layers and steps, and then outputs the molded boxes. It can efficiently complete the box forming and greatly improve the production efficiency.

The advantages of our double-station telescope box tray former are high efficiency, stability and flexibility. It can be adapted to different sizes of cartons, has high production speed and a high degree of automation, which can significantly reduce manual operations and improve production efficiency, while ensuring the quality of box molding. In addition, it also features easy operation and convenient maintenance.

In terms of application areas, the tray former is widely used in various paper box manufacturing, such as food packaging, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic product packaging, etc. Because of its high efficiency, high precision and high degree of automation, the tray former is popular in the manufacturing industry. With the development of manufacturing industry, the tray former will be optimized and updated continuously to better meet the market demand.
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Tray Former/Box Folding Machine For Telescope Box


Case reference information

Material Information
Material Size

Carton: L132*W132*H40mm

Main Technical Parameter

30-35 sets/min

Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 3.3KW 

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