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Checkweigher with Rejection

The dynamic high-precision Weighing Machine for use with cartoning machines is widely used in various industries for online automatic detection of under-loading, over-loading, missing weight, over-weight, etc. in mass production products and automatic rejection of defective products.
This high-precision Checkweigher with Rejection machine can also efficiently replace manual weighing and grading sorting to improve the weight standardization of products and can be widely used for automatic multi-level weight sorting of seafood, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, medicinal materials, raw materials, industrial products, and other industries.

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Enhance Quality Control and Efficiency with Checkweigher and Rejection Systems

checkweigher front view

Main Technical Parameter
Weighing range


Indexing value  0.1g
Selection accuracy ±0.3-0.5g
Detection speed 40m/min (adjustable)
Detection object size 190-215(L)×105(W)×110(H)(mm)
Feed section conveying size 350(L)×230(W)(mm)
Weighing section conveying size 450(L)×230(W)(mm)
Reject section conveying size 500(L)×230(W)(mm)
Overall machine size  1300 (L) × 1540 (W) × 1400 (H) (mm) (for reference only)
Housing material Stainless steel SUS304
Conveyor belt height from the ground 750mm (height ±50mm adjustable)
Component unit speed matching unit, weight detection unit, reject unit
Rejecting method defective product push rod rejecting
Storage formula 100pcs
Conveying direction Facing the display from left to right
Power supply AC220V±10%, single phase
Data transfer Equipped with USB interface; RS232, 485 or Ethernet communication port.
Use environment -10-45℃,90%R.H no frost
Air source


Checkweigher with Rejection system gives ongoing information and investigation, empowering organizations to screen creation patterns, recognize possible issues, and pursue informed choices to enhance their cycles. By and large, the Checkweigher with Dismissal framework is an important venture for organizations expecting to upgrade quality control, increment efficiency, and keep an upper hand on the lookout.

Product Details

Checkweigher with Rejection Screencomponent-&-sensoralarm-lampFood grade belt

Multiple Elimination Method Are Optional

Details about multiple elimination

Checkweigher with Rejection

Photoelectric induction


Push rod rejection


Unqualified Product Receiving Trough


Control Panel



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