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Cartoning Machine

What is cartoning machine 
Cartoning machine or cartoner also knows as box packing machine.
A cartoning machine that picks a single piece from the stack of folded cartons and erects it, fills with a product or bag of products or number of products horizontally through an open end, and closes by tucking the end flaps of the carton or applying glue or adhesive.
Flow chart of forming box
Flow chart of cartoning machine forming box
By combining different function modules, Y-Pack's cartoning machine can also realize additional functions such as weighing and rejecting, coding, labeling, heat shrink wrapping, unpacking, sorting and packing, sealing, film wrapping, strapping, palletizing, and storage.
Y-pack packaging technology Co., Ltd. can provide customers with high-quality automatic cartoning machines.We have a wealth of experience and can also provide you with customized automatic packaging line solutions based on your actual production situation.
Cartonig machines for various product packaging
Cartoning machine can be divided into vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine according to the structure of the machine itself. Generally speaking, the vertical cartoning machine has a faster packaging speed, but the range of products that can be packaged is relatively small, generally only for a single product such as medicine board, while the horizontal cartoning machine is compatible with a larger range and can carton a variety of products, such as soap, drugs, food, hardware, auto parts, etc. Therefore, the most popular ones in the market are mainly horizontal cartoning machines.
Different types of cartoning machines are applicable depending on the form of product sealing. Boxes with glue sealiing need to be equipped with an optional hot melt glue machine.
Cartoning Machine with Hot Glue Machine
Cartoning Machine With Hot Glue Machine
Cartoning Machine
Cartoning Machine
The most popular cartoning machine
Automatic cartoning machines have a wide range of applications, and user demand is mainly focused on food, cosmetics, electronic products, and other packaging fields. In recent years, automatic cartoning machines for masks, gloves, and other products have also become very popular.
Which boxes can be applied to our cartoning machine
Our standard cartoning machine is mainly used for Tuck End Boxes and Seal End Boxes.
Reverse Tuck End Boxes
Seal End Boxes
In addition, our devices are available for special box styles, such as Tuck End Snap Lock Bottom, Auto Lock Bottom Boxes, Reverse Tuck End With Lock etc.
Tuck End Snap Lock Bottom
Tuck End Snap Lock Bottom
Auto Lock Bottom Boxes
Auto Lock Bottom Boxes
Reverse Tuck End With Lock
Reverse Tuck End With Lock
We can also customize our packaging equipment according to your boxes, so please contact us with your requirements.
What is the production speed of cartoning machine
The production speed of an automatic cartoning machine depends mainly on the products you need to package.

The production speed of the automatic cartoning machine needs to match the incoming speed of the front end. We have launched three types of standard automatic cartoning machines, small, medium, and large, as well as high-speed automatic cartoning machines for the most common packaging needs in the market. The production speeds that can be covered range from 15 boxes/minute to 180 boxes/minute
If you need to put in the products manually, we recommend a production speed of fewer than 30 boxes/minute. Without customizing the extended conveyor belt, the human hand cannot match the production speed of the machine; if you need to dock the front-end production line, then we will customize the material sorting device to dock the front-end production line and our automatic cartoning machine according to your front-end production speed and product loading method to achieve stable and fully automatic production.
Main parameters of standard Cartoning Machine
Model "ZHP Series、ZHC Series"
Machine name Cartoning machine
Speed 30-80pcs/min
Box size L:120-250
Stacking height of cardboard 500mm
Cardboard thickness 250g-350g,The carton indentation is not less than 0.4mm, with pre-folding effect"
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Power Cartoning machine: 1.1KW
Glue-spraying machine: 3.5KW
Air pressure ≥0.6Mpa
What is the cartoning machine price
The price of an automatic cartoning machine is mainly determined by the products you need to package.
Our standard cartoning machines are priced at $18,000 to $20,000 and are compatible with the vast majority of product cartoning needs. If you have additional customized features, we will provide you with a proposal and quote based on the added modules.
What we need to know in order to respond to your needs in the most efficient way
  • Front-end incoming material methods and speed requirements.
  • The structure of the carton, the way of sealing the box, the detailed size
  • Pictures of products and boxes, better with video
  • The layout of your production workshop and space size
How long it takes to buy a cartoning machine
Our factory has a large number of standard machines in production. Usually, it takes only 10 working days to shoot your inspection video and prepare for shipment after we have determined your requirements and received your samples, while some very custom machines need to be designed from scratch and may take 40 working days or more. If you have more questions about lead times, please feel free to ask us.
Machine purchase process
  1. Customer confirms order 
  2. Supplier sends contract 
  3. Customer pays 50% advance and sends samples for machine fabrication 
  4. Supplier confirms receipt of payment and samples and begins design
  5. Begins raw material procurement
  6. Parts processing - Assemble parts - PLC programming and commissioning
  7. Trial run with prototype and send trial run video to the customer for approval 
  8. Trial run video approved
  9. Customer pays balance 
  10. Supplier makes plywood boxes and handles shipping
  11. Supplier sends required import customs clearance documents
  12. Machine received, customer easily sets up and operates the machine, the supplier provides tutorial video 
  13. any questions, the customer sends video, supplier replies with tutorial file.
Logistics and transportation
After passing the inspection, we will wrap the machine with stretch film to prevent scratches and dust; put the wrapped machine into a wooden box together with a complementary toolbox to fix it; put the sealed wooden box into a container for delivery to the port; then ship it to the customer's factory.
It takes only 1 day from our factory to the port, the ocean shipping time depends on the distance, from 7 days to 40 days.
Why choose us
Our Advantages
 Free Sample Testing, OEM/ODM
▣ ln Stock,15 Days For Delivery
Large Area Using Stainless Steel,Advanced Device Appearance, Well-Made
Universal Design With Simple Modifications to Fit Most Product Packaging
Modular Design, Leaving Sufficient Space for Optimization and Upgrading
Product details
Production process
Real user feedback
  • Q How can I be sure to get assurance after payment?

    In China, there is anti-money laundry policy, for which the government strictly manages every payment from abroad. The payment you made will firstly go to their managing account,and only when we submit bill of loading to them, payment will be released to us;
    the payment will be returned to you or pended by State Administration of Foreign Exchange,SAFE. if we are not able to make shipment and submit bill of lading within lead time.
  • Q When can i expect my email or questions to be replied?

    A Our working time is 9:00am--18:00pm Monday--Saturday, any email shall be replied within 24 hours normally.
    For an enquiry, the most recommended way of contact is by email, by sending your final product&photos to our email,due to our possible time difference.
  • Q How many years warranty and how do I do the machine repairing & maintenance?

    One-year warranty from the date of shipment, during which if any parts fault, we will courier to your replacing parts with replacing instructions, all at our cost.
    The replacing is simple and easy to be completed by anybody.
    The machines are maintenance free types, some daily lubrication will prolong the service life though.
  • Q Will you send technical staff to help me with installation and operation training?

    A The machine will be packed with little disassembly in one plywood crate, so they will be plug and use type, no need special installation.
    We will also send you installation and operating tutorial videos before shipment.Remote assistance by video call or meeting is available as well.
    In rare cases, we can send technical staff if desperately needed, but there is 150USD/day engineer salary and flight ticket, visa application, travelling, board and lodging shall be at buyer's account.
  • Q How can I be sure the machine will absolutely work for my product?

    A We will test run the machine once the building completes for 10 minutes, with your sample product ( when sample product is a must) and send you test run video to prove the machine works well and stable, for your product, before balance payment and shipment.
  • Q How can I trust you for the first time business?

    A Please note our above business license and certificate. And if you don't trust us, then we can use Alibaba trade assurance service, guarantee your money, and guarantee your machine's on-time delivery and machine quality.
  • Q Do you supply cartons?

    A We don’t produce cartons, but we have a dedicated cartons supplier. We can provide you with the corresponding carton structure design and the carton price for your reference. After you place the order, if you don’t have a paper box or it is not convenient to send a paper box, we can provide these paper boxes for machine testing. These are free.
  • Q What kind of carton can achieve the best stability of the automatic cartoning machine?

    A Under normal circumstances, we have requirements for the material and thickness of the carton. White cardboard material and 250-350gsm weight cartons are the most adaptable.
  • Q How long does it take to change the carton?

    A Usually, you need to spend 20-45 minutes to replace a carton and product with a similar structure. If your product structure has a large deviation, you may need to change machine parts, then you may need to spend more time.
  • Q We have multiple specifications of cartons, can they run on the same automatic cartoning machine?

    A First of all, we will ensure that your carton is within the adjustable range of an automatic cartoning machine model. If it exceeds the range or has a different structure, your carton will not be able to be used on the same cartoning machine.
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