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Automatic cartoning machine for tea canister set & coffee sugar tea canister set &arizona iced tea can

tea canister automatic cartoning machine, customized cans material handling device, docking front-end automatic production line, to achieve fully automatic packaging production, only one person copy replenishment boxes, cartoning machine automatically complete the action of opening, pushing material into the box, sealing the box. Packaging speed 30 boxes per minute. Stable operation, beautiful appearance, good quality and low price, it is your best choice to turn to automatic production.
  • ZHC 104

  • Y-Pack

Automatic cartoning machine for tea canister set/ tea canister set/ coffee sugar tea canister set/ arizona iced tea can


Case reference information

Material Information

  L 161*W 89* H 89mm

Main Technical Parameter

20-25 boxes/min

Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 0.93 KW(cartoning machine 0.75kw, sorting machine 0.18kw)

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One of the vital benefits of our machine is its capacity to work with only one individual for duplicate recharging boxes. This opens up your labor force to zero in on other significant errands, amplifying efficiency and proficiency. Our cartoning machine is furnished with cutting edge innovation and elements that guarantee smooth and effective activity. 

It naturally finishes the activities of opening, driving the material into the container, and fixing the case. With a bundling velocity of 30 boxes each moment, you can accomplish high-volume creation in the blink of an eye. Here are a few extra advantages of our tea canister programmed cartoning machine: 

Stable Activity: 

Our machine is intended for solid and stable activity. Enduring the requests of persistent creation, limiting free time and amplifying productivity is fabricated. 

Wonderful Appearance: 

We grasp the significance of bundling feel. Our machine guarantees that your tea canisters are flawlessly and expertly bundled, improving the generally speaking visual allure of your items. 

Great Quality and Low Value:

We put stock in offering some benefit for cash. Our machine is seriously evaluated without settling for less on quality. You can confide in its solidness and long haul execution.

Auto Lock Bottom Boxes Holder

Auto Lock Bottom Boxes holder

Sorting Machine



Not Left Bottle Function






Finished Product



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