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Applicable to two type boxes,Automatic cartoning machine for cookies or biscuit wafer cookies

Automatic cookie cartoning machine with customized extended conveyor belt allows more workers to produce at the same time and enhances the production speed. Cartoning machine automatically completes the action of opening, pushing material into the box and sealing the box. The packing speed is 40-50 boxes per minute. With stable operation, beautiful appearance and low price, it is the best choice for you to turn to automatic production.
  • ZHP 104

  • Y-Pack

Applicable to two type boxes,Automatic cartoning machine for cookies/ crumbl cookies/ chocolate chip cookies/ biscuit/wafer cookies/chocolate wafer cookies


Case reference information

Material Information

Carton 1: L170*W115*H60mm, 10 packs/box

Carton 1: L170*W110*H40 mm, 1 pack/box

Main Technical Parameter

40-50 boxes/min

Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 4.6 KW(cartoning machine 1.1kw, hot glue machine 3.5kw)

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Flexible Bundling: 

Y-Pack programmed cartoning machine is intended to deal with two sorts of boxes, giving adaptability in bundling choices to treats or bread roll wafer treats. Whether you require bundling in box type An or box type B, our machine guarantees proficient and exact cartoning to meet your particular necessities. 

Productive Activity: 

With cutting-edge mechanization innovation, Y-Pack cartoning machine smoothes out the bundling system, augmenting efficiency and limiting difficult work. It includes an easy-to-use interface that takes into consideration simple arrangement and activity, guaranteeing smooth and proficient bundling of treats or roll wafer treats. The machine is furnished with sensors and systems to identify and address any bundling blunders, guaranteeing great and steady outcomes. 

Excellent Bundling: 

Y-Pack cartoning machine is designed to convey prevalent bundling quality. It cautiously handles every treat or bread roll wafer treat, guaranteeing appropriate arrangement and security during the bundling system. The machine is intended to keep up with the trustworthiness and newness of the items, giving tastefully satisfying and expertly bundled boxes that fulfill industry guidelines.

Box Holder


Extended Conveyor Belt

Extended Conveyor Belt

Material Sensing Probe


Hot Glue Machine


Finished Product


Control Panel


Reserved For Back End Communication Probes



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