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Beer Cans Boxs Cartoning Machine

The automated can beer cartoning machine achieves high-volume automated cartoning and greatly improves production efficiency. The equipment runs stably and reliably with simple operation, and can fully meet the customer's needs for high-speed automated cartoning.

The cartoning machine adopts an advanced hot melt adhesive automatic gluing mechanism and works with the country's leading high-speed gluing gun to achieve automated cartoning. The entire cartoning process is fully automatically operated under the control of a PLC, with real-time monitoring of operating parameters and alarm prompts at any time to ensure highly efficient and stable operation. The human-machine interface is simple and easy to use, and the modular design is easy to maintain and upgrade.

The machine is made of high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and other materials, with an exquisite and generous appearance and no pollution during operation, fully meeting the industry standards. For packaging cartons of different sizes and materials, we provide customized solutions to meet the customer's various automated packaging needs.

1. The machine adopts a fully automatic gluing and sealing box method to achieve high-speed, high-quality cartoning. Hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of strong adhesion and fast bonding, which can achieve firm bonding of various cartons while being beautiful and generous. High-speed gluing guns ensure uniform and precise gluing of the adhesive and full sealing of the carton gaps.

2. The machine adopts a double conveyor belt transmission mechanism for stable transmission without box jumping. The conveyor belt is equipped with multiple photoelectric detection devices to monitor the product position in real-time and ensure precise box insertion. The PLC control system controls the synchronous operation of each device in real-time according to the product signal to achieve fully automatic high-speed cartoning.

3. The human-machine interaction interface adopts a touchscreen design with rich information and easy operation. The operating status of the machine is clear at a glance, allowing the operator to monitor key parameters in real-time. The fault alarm module can quickly locate the cause of the fault and process it. It stores operation manuals and other information for easy reference.

4. Customized solutions. We customize automated cartoning production lines with different speeds and production capacities. According to the customer's process flow and product characteristics, we provide personalized machine solutions and equipment layout solutions to make the equipment closer to the customer's actual production needs and greatly improve production efficiency.

5. Complete after-sales service. We provide full after-sales services such as equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, and regular maintenance. Ensure the long-term, stable, and efficient operation of customer equipment. After-sales engineers respond promptly to various fault repairs to help customers quickly resume production.
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Beer Cans Boxs Cartoning Machine


Case reference information

Material Information
Material Size

Carton: L60-120*W40-120*H20-50mm

Main Technical Parameter
Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 1.1KW 

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Machine Detail Pictures

Conveyor Belt Of Beer Cans Automatic Cartoning Machine


Box Holder Of Beer Cans Automatic Cartoning Machine


Rotary Box Pickup Mechanism Of Beer Cans Automatic Cartoning Machine


Cartoning Mechanism Of Beer Cans Automatic Cartoning Machine


Sealing Mechanism Of Beer Cans Automatic Cartoning Machine



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