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Beer Cans Cartoning Machine

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to package your beer cans? Our beer can cartoning machine is just what you need! This machine is designed to automate the process of packaging your beer cans into boxes, saving you time and labor costs.

  • Y-Pack

Beer Cans Cartoning MachineBeer-Cans-Cartoning-Machine

Case reference information

Material Information
Material Size

Carton1: L195*W132*H158mm

Carton2: L132*W152*H158mm

Main Technical Parameter
Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 4.6KW 

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The cartoning machine works by automatically picking up and forming the box, while a worker manually places the beer cans on a moving conveyor. As the conveyor moves towards the formed box, the machine pushes the cans into the box and seals it. With the option to add a robot to place the goods on the conveyor, you can further reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

In addition, Y-Pack offer several optional features to customize the cartoning machine to meet your specific needs.

Y-Pack visual inspection machine can detect any defective goods before cartoning, ensuring that only high-quality products make it to the market.

The fully automated case packing line can fill several boxes into cartons and seal them with tape or straps, streamlining the packaging process even further.

Y-Pack end weigher checker can detect any wrong weight cartons, preventing any issues with product packaging.

To add branding and important information to your boxes or cartons, we also offer the option of an ink printer or label stick machine. This feature can print and stick important information like product codes, expiry dates, or branding logos, ensuring that your products are correctly labeled and ready for shipment.

Our robot palletizer can stack cartons according to your specific requirements, optimizing the packing process and reducing the risk of product damage during transport.


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