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Dry Milk Cans Cartoning And Palletizing Line with Automatic Magazine Infeed

We customized a fully automated milk powder can cartooning and palletizing line for our US customer's back-end packaging plant.

Based on the space layout, a 9-meter-long conveyor belt was customized to transport the sealed milk powder cans to the packaging plant. The single row of milk powder cans on the assembly line was converted into three rows through a pop-up clamp-type material handler, and 9 cans of milk powder were loaded into 1 box through an automatic cartoning machine. The efficient cartoning machine enabled the output to reach 1,000 boxes per hour. The beautiful boxes sealed by hot melt glue are placed on wooden pallets by a movable palletizer according to a customized palletizing method. One pallet can be completed every 19 minutes, and after completion, it will automatically start palletizing the next pallet, and the two sides can cooperate to achieve continuous production.

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Case reference information

Material Information
Material Size

Carton: L 320*W 220*H 140mm

Milk powder can: diameter 102 * H 122mm

Main Technical Parameter

15-18 box/min

Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 11.02KW (cartoning machine 10kw, mobile palletizer 1.02kw )

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Conveyor Belt


Transition Line


Automatic Magazine Infeed


Cartoning Machine


Box Holder

cartoning-machine box-holder

Control Panel

cartoning-machine control-panel

Glue Machine

cartoning glue-machine

Mobile Palletizer

cartoning-machine Mobile-palletizerMobile-palletizer-back


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