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How Does a Cartoning Machine Work?

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An automatic Cartoning Machine is a back-end packaging machine, integrating machine, electricity, gas and light into one automatic equipment. 

The carton packing machine is mainly applied to the products that need to be packaged in the industries of food, pharmaceutical and daily necessities. It is also equipped with an integrated process of automatic folding instructions, opening, boxing, sealing, printing date (production or expiration), labelling machine, metal detector, check weigher, etc.

The process of box packing machine can be divided into four steps: automatic feeding, opening carton, packaging, and sealing cartons.

Automatic unloading/feeding: 

automatic infeed to automatically unload and transfer the product to the conveyor.

Cartoning Machineing feeding

carton packing machine feeding

Carton erecting: 

The rail fixture fixes the cardboard and the vacuum suction cup holds the cardboard open so that the carton erects at a right angle and then moves forward to the loading area.

carton packing machine box-erector


The conveyor transports products and the product pusher pushes the product into the empty carton in the loading area.

Cartoning Machine Cartoning

Carton sealing:

 After the product is pushed into the box by a product pusher, and carton will enter the guide-driven lid closing station. Before closing the lid, the mechanism will bend the latch of the carton and the pusher will push the lid to bend so that the latch can be inserted into the carton.


Cartoning Machine Cartoning sealing

Formed product output:

The last is the output of the packaged products, the back using the conveyor belt docking different equipment can achieve weighing and rejection, labeling and coding and so on. With our Case Packer, we can also realize the whole automatic packaging of products from cartoning to casing.

Cartoning Machine Cartoning product output

Cartoning machine is a very mature packaging equipment nowadays, which is widely used in the packaging production of various industries. 

Y-pack has 26 years of experience in manufacturing cartoning machine, whether it is the production of individual Cartoning Machine or the planning and manufacturing of Automatic Packaging Line, we are confident to provide you with the perfect solution.

If you are interested in cartoning machine and want to know more, welcome to contact us: Kerry@ypack.net

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