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This page is a demonstration of actual machine cases of various packaging equipment provided by the factory to customers. You can search for the equipment you are interested in by searching for keywords, or through the industry grouping and equipment type grouping below.
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  • Mouthpiece Cartoning Machine with Material Counting And Sorting Connection Line
    Another mouthpiece cartoning machine is shipped! We have customized a material counting and sorting connection line for the customer, which can be directly connected to the mask bagging and packaging machine to achieve fully automatic packaging. According to the customer's requirements, we have set up two packaging solutions for the cartoning machine in advance: 10 mouthpieces in one pack, 5 packs in one box; 50 mouthpieces in one pack, and 1 pack in one box. Just a simple operation can quickly change the packaging style, helping customers to produce flexibly according to their needs.
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  • Automatic Hard Drive Cartoning Machine cartoner box packing machine for Electronics
    Suitable for small and medium-sized factories, the packaging machine only needs to manually put the hard disk into the conveyor belt, and the automatic cartoner will complete the hard disk into the box and seal the box, ensuring high quality and continuous packaging while reducing labor costs.Compatible with four paper box sizes, flexible and economical to use.
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  • Hard disk mailer box automatic packaging line
    The customer was building a new plant and wanted to plan a production line to try to solve the problem because of the rising employment cost and the increasing difficulty in recruiting workers. So we delivered the answer, a fully automatic hard drive airplane box packaging line. Automatic folding machine forming output, a small amount of manual loading products, custom sealing machine automatic sealing boxes. The unboxing machine, boxing machine and sealing machine cooperate to realize the automation of unboxing, boxing and sealing. The whole line can replenish materials without stopping to achieve efficient and stable packaging.
    In today's increasingly difficult personnel management, the custom packaging line that can significantly reduce the number of workers is the optimal choice for efficiency, reliability and economy.
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  • Cereal Bar Automatic Cartoning Machine
    This is our standard small model cartoning machine, ZHP101, with compact and beautiful appearance, simple and durable structure, easy operation and compatibility, which can be applied to many types of product packaging with only simple debugging.
    This cereal bar cartoning machine is a top-quality cartoning machine customized according to customer requirements. It adopts fully imported configuration such as Siemens touch screen, Nordson glue machine and SMC pneumatic components. It has outstanding stability and perfect packaging effect. Of course, depending on your budget, we can provide diversified configuration options to help you achieve your needs as much as possible.
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  • Case Packer For Disposable Paper Cup Packaging Line
    Docking front-end bag packing machine, automatically open the box, put the paper cups into the box, and then through the sealing machine and corner sealing machine, complete the I-form sealing. The whole system operates fully automatically through sensor interworking, which can effectively reduce labor costs.
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  • Dry Milk Cans Cartoning And Palletizing Line with Automatic Magazine Infeed
    We customized a fully automated milk powder can cartooning and palletizing line for our US customer's back-end packaging plant.
    Based on the space layout, a 9-meter-long conveyor belt was customized to transport the sealed milk powder cans to the packaging plant. The single row of milk powder cans on the assembly line was converted into three rows through a pop-up clamp-type material handler, and 9 cans of milk powder were loaded into 1 box through an automatic cartoning machine. The efficient cartoning machine enabled the output to reach 1,000 boxes per hour. The beautiful boxes sealed by hot melt glue are placed on wooden pallets by a movable palletizer according to a customized palletizing method. One pallet can be completed every 19 minutes, and after completion, it will automatically start palletizing the next pallet, and the two sides can cooperate to achieve continuous production.
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