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Tea Bag Cartoning Machine For Snap Lock Bottom Box

Customized tea packing cartoning machine, which is an automatic cartoning machine for snap bottom and snap box type. And the customized extended conveyor belt is convenient for more workers to put materials at the same time.

This cartoning machine is compatible with many sizes of boxes, and the factory has completed the debugging of two types of cartons, so it can easily switch boxes for packaging production. This customized tea bag cartoning machine is designed with large-capacity carton holder, which reduces the frequency of putting materials and improves the production efficiency; humanized operation design, one key start operation, no complicated operation is needed, and the whole cartoning machine is equipped with multiple induction probes to detect the operation process of the machine, and will automatically stop when abnormalities occur to ensure production safety.
  • Y-Pack

Private customized Tea Bag Cartoning Machine display

Cartoning Machine Conveyor-Belt

Case reference information

Material Information
Material Size

Carton: L110*W110*H110mm

Carton: L105*W105*H105mm

Main Technical Parameter
20-25 boxes/min
Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 1.2KW 

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Presenting our  Tea Pressing Cartoning Machine, an exceptionally effective and programmed answer for snap base and snap box type bundling. With its adjustable elements, you can tailor the machine to oblige different tea bundling sizes and determinations, giving flexibility and versatility to your one of a kind item necessities.


Conveyor Belt

Cartoning Machine Conveyor-Belt

Box Holder

Tea Bag Cartoning Machine Box-Holder

Material Sensing Probe

Tea Bag Cartoning Machine Material-sensing-probe

Box Erecting

Tea Bag Cartoning Machine Box-Erecting


Tea Bag Cartoning Machine Cartoning

Box Sealing

Tea Bag Cartoning Machine Box-Sealing


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