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Facial Mask Robotic Material Sorting Automatic Cartoning Machine

Facial Mask Robotic Material Sorting Automatic Cartoning Machine, which is an automatic material sorting and cartoning project tailored to the customer's packaging automation needs.
The combination of multiple sets of conveyor belts at the front end is a low-cost and clever way to realize one cartoning machine docking two front-end mask bagging machines, which can switch the automatic packaging production of different types of masks by moving only one section of the conveyor belt according to different packaging needs; through the robot combined with the technology of visual inspection, the precise positioning of the mask and automatic material sorting are realized; the leveling mechanism and rejection mechanism on the conveyor belt ensure that only qualified products are loaded into the boxes; according to customer's demand, the speed of the whole packing line can reach 50 boxes per minute, our advanced cartoning machine can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the packing process.
With state-of-the-art technology and customizable options, our cartoning machines are the perfect solution for companies looking to reduce production costs and increase productivity. By integrating our cartoning machines into your production line, you can enjoy greater speed, reliability and flexibility in your packaging operations.
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Automatic Cartoning Machine for mask

Automatic Cartoning Machine for mask

Case reference information

Material Information
Material Size

Carton: L165*W115*H20mm

Main Technical Parameter
50 boxes/min
Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 2.6KW 

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Our high level cartoning machine offers a savvy and shrewd arrangement by integrating various arrangements of transport lines at the front end. This imaginative plan takes into account the consistent coordination of two front-end cover stowing machines, empowering programmed bundling creation for various kinds of veils with insignificant changes.

By essentially moving one segment of the transport line, the mask cartoning machine can easily switch between various bundling needs, giving flexibility and versatility to differing cover types. This adaptability saves time as well as guarantees productive and exact bundling processes.

To additional upgrade productivity and accuracy, our cartoning machine for mask uses state of the art innovation like advanced mechanics and visual review. Through the coordination of robots, exact situating of the covers and programmed material arranging are accomplished, disposing of the requirement for manual mediation and diminishing the gamble of blunders.


Conveyor Belt


Robotic Material Sorting


Box Holder


Rejecting Mechanical Structures




Product Output


Control Panel



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