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  • 2022-08-18

    How To Choose Hot Melt Adhesive for the cartoning machine?
    Automatic cartoning machine is divided into two kinds of cartoning machine, inserting tongue cartoning machine and spraying glue cartoning machine, according to the different ways of cartoning. Among them, the glue spray cartoning machine needs to add a hot melt glue machine to achieve glue spraying
  • 2024-04-25

    Y-PACK Technology Co., Ltd. Partakes in Insightful Exchange with Russian Delegation
    Last week marked a significant event for packaging industry leaders in Guangzhou as a delegation of esteemed Russian businesses convened here for a dynamic round of conversation and exchange. Among the participating enterprises was Y-PACK Packaging Technology Co. Ltd., a renowned packaging machinery
  • 2022-04-05

    Top 3 Reasons to Change Your Carton Provider
    If you have been producing your own products for some time, you probably already have a carton supplier. Whenever possible, multiple alternate suppliers or even changing suppliers is not a bad thing. Here are three excellent reasons to consider changing your carton supplier.
  • 2023-06-07

    Attending Sino-Pack China International Packaging Industry Exhibition
    In March this year, we attended the Sino-Pack China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (Sino-Pack) in Guangzhou, China. Sino-Pack is one of the largest and most influential packaging trade fairs in Asia. It serves as an important platform for displaying new packaging technologies and materi

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