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Drop-Down Case Packer Packaging Line for Bottles

Drop-down bottle product case packer. We have customized the drop-down case packer packing line specifically for ultrasound gel - 0.25l dispenser bottle. The production speed has reached 15~20 cases per minute. The whole packaging line is mainly composed of a case erector, drop-down case packer, instruction automatic feeder, and case sealer, which can load 12 bottles of ultrasonic gel, arranged by finding 4x3, into the case, put in the instruction, and then seal the case. It reduces the labor demand, lowers the labor intensity, and improves the packaging quality and production efficiency. Y-pack is your best choice to reduce labor cost, improve production efficiency and packaging quality.

Drop-Down Case cartoning machine Line for Bottles

cartoning machine for bottle

By carrying out our imaginative arrangements, you can smooth out your tasks and limit the requirement for difficult work. Our cartoning machine for bottle innovations handle different phases of the bundling system, from material taking care of to filling, fixing, and marking. This decreases work interest as well as opens up your labor force to zero in on more key and worth added undertakings.

As well as diminishing work costs, our answers likewise lower work force. Via robotizing tedious and genuinely requesting assignments, we wipe out the gamble of human mistake and guarantee reliable and exact bundling results. This prompts further developed bundling quality, expanded consumer loyalty, and diminished item squander.

Case reference information

Material Information
Material Size

Bottle: Diameter φ52mm x height 170mm

Carton: L210xW160xH180mm (3x4 arrangement)

Main Technical Parameter
15-20 case/min
Gas source ≥0.6MPa
Total power 3.85KW (case packer 2.6kw, case erector 0.4kw, case sealing machine 0.4kw,instruction automatic feeder0.45kw)

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Manual Feeder Conveyor

cartoning machine conveyorcartoning machine conveyor-details

Automatic Magazine Infeed

cartoning machine-whole-viewcartoning machine-infeedcartoning machine-infeed-detailcartoning machine-infeed-details

Case Erector

cartoning machine Case-Erectorcartoning machine -detailscartoning machine front-viewcartoning machine-whole-viewcartoning machine-control-panel

Turning Conveyor

cartoning machine-turning-conveyor

Drop-down Case Packer


Climbing Conveyor


Roller Conveyor


Instruction Manual Feeder


Case Sealing Machine



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