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How To Choose Hot Melt Adhesive?

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Automatic cartoning machine is divided into two kinds of cartoning machine, inserting tongue cartoning machine and spraying glue cartoning machine, according to the different ways of cartoning. Among them, the glue spray cartoning machine needs to add a hot melt glue machine to achieve glue spraying and sealing. In the production process, choosing the right hot melt glue is very important to the packaging effect of the products and the stability of the operation.

So how to choose the right hot melt adhesive for our cartoning machine? Y-pack packaging technology Co., Ltd. offers you some suggestions.

Category APAO hot melt adhesive EVA hot melt adhesive
Shape Blocks, granules granules
Photo 块状颗粒状 颗粒状
Application Between the semi-pressure sensitive and semi-EVA state, more moderate, a variety of products sealed box with more, especially the paper box lamination. Dry quickly, the surface is hard after drying, carton sealing with more, especially the carton does not laminate.
Remark These two types of hot melt adhesives must be in block or granular form. It is not recommended to use the adhesive in strip form, because the hot melt adhesive in strip form is easy to pull the wire after high temperature heating.

You can select the right hot melt adhesive for yourself according to your needs against the table. If there are still questions, welcome to contact us for more support.

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